Baffled Bulk Bags

Baffled bulk bags are manufactured with interior reinforcement baffles to hold the filled bag in a more square shape than the traditional rounded-out shaped of standard bulk bags.

These interior reinforcement baffles are strategically vented to allow the product to flow through them and easily access the corners of the bulk bag.

Once filled these baffled bags offer many benefits over standard bags:

  • Increased stability promotes better stacking of filled bags.
  • Reduces warehouse space required to store filled bags.
  • Maximize truck, railcar, and overseas container space.
  • Reduce shipping costs by up to 40%.
  • Minimizes the overhang of bulk bags on pallets.
  • Reduces the chance of product contamination caused by bags scraping the sidewalls of trucks during loading, unloading and transit.
  • Improved overall appearance and performance of your product’s package.
Baffled bulk bags cutaway and top view Baffled bulk bags